Experiment Instructions

Just in -- Nov 15, 2021. Lawn experiment is now documented. Still to come is 
Lawn experiment demonstration.

Lawn Experiment 2021/22 cycle

For full instructions see “Lawn Experiment Demonstration

NOTE: new Experiment INSTRUCTION coming Nov 2 or 3rd. Emma and Kelvin are hard a work.

1. Please plant two plants of the SAME species and variety in a location with similar light levels. Please use separate pots or plant the plants at least 5-7ft apart. 

2. Using separate pots, plant the plants either from seed or from a juvenile plant. If the plant is a juvenile, please note the starting height of the plant from the soil to the top of the tallest shoot in cm. 

3. Measure approximately 20g of ONfungi fungal dominant compost (FDC) trigger and apply either surrounding the seed at planting or around the base and root bundle of the juvenile plant. Water plants when necessary, but ensure each plant receives a similar quantity of water. 

4. Over the course of four weeks, monitor the plants and note any pests or poor growth for your final report. 

5. After 4 weeks have passed, please take a picture of both plants side by side and upload to the website. Take a final measure of the plant from the base to the tip, and fill out the comments section with any other information you may have noticed throughout the growth period. Things like harsh thunder storms, wild animals scavenging plants, pest invasions, and drought-like conditions can all be reported here. 

6. (Optional) If you would like to further inspect the effect of the compost, please pull up the plants and take a picture of the root bundles side by side and upload to the website. 

Website form will include: 

Introductory Report

Remember, this is citizen science. Built for you and by you. The results page is in development. We are currently accepting comments and suggestions. Luca is working right now with Emma to make reporting much easier. So stay tuned!

This is why your support is so important. You are building along side us. Thank you!

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