ONfungi uses citizen science to boost soil restoration and carbon storage research

2021 experiments find ONfungi inoculate shows real value.
Experiment cycle conclusion finds ONfungi FDC doubles soil carbon, improves fungal balance and results in larger growth

Our final microbiometer readings were extraordinary. The plot with the Fungal Dominant Compost (FDC) now boasts a 1.4:1 Fungal to bacteria ratio. In contrast, the control measures 0.6:1 fungi to bacteria ratio. For a comparison, a forest soil aka the most healthy soil on the planet typically boast a 3:1 fungi to bacteria ratio. Grasslands are typically 1:1. In 8 weeks the treated soil went from poor to superior. Sweet!

For the first look at Emma’s experiment cycle see her articles here.

ONfungi says “join the fun”

To restore the planet, let’s play in the mud

ONfungi is a group of volunteers and one biologist who organize citizen science experiments where you help explore soil restoration and carbon storage.

It works as you apply our “mud” or Fungal Dominant Compost (FDC) to your lawn, garden or farm field. When you report the results using Emma Roy’s (our lonely biologist) experiment fields; you become the planets soil hero!

Your time, money and hard work are then used to do neat science. Plant, Observe and Report! Its fun, its easy, and it adds to the very real science required to address climate change.

Yes, you are a climate science hero. Get your ONfungi experiment Kit and play too!

Learn more about our experiments and how to use them here

Feel the mud. Turn your lawn, garden or farm into a soil regeneration joy.
NEW experiments coming Nov 1!!! Lawn experimenters wanted!
Farmers doing no-till sought desperately. Gardeners appreciated!

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Thanks to Fundrazr. These folks are a blessing to us. They are providing their platform and assistance at no cost to ONfungi. They believe in what we are doing too.

We are also deeply grateful to Sustainable Eastern Ontario for their Intern Support Program.

And give thanks to GreenDavid.ca for their help developing and publishing this exciting work.