ONfungi uses fungal dominant compost to build soil, look at carbon storage and improve food nutrition

Carbon credentials, Kelvin Hodges once again takes the lead

“I’m super happy,” said volunteer Kelvin, “you know 44 years out of college to go back and grind through a new program, it was really good fun. The credential is icing on the cake; The new improved methodologies will help inform a wide range of my activities.

— Kelvin Hodges, May 2024

We’re looking for improved ways to store carbon. It’s one of the main motivations behind ONfungi. We’re making, studying and distributing compost. We believe different composted materials, in particular as EOM (exogenous organic matter), can enhance soil regeneration and build soil carbon. That’s what drives the ONfungi experience.

Thank you to all the volunteers and friends of the soil who have selflessly supported our efforts.

NEW — Three year update AND big news about new volunteer leadership for ONfungi. Stay tuned folks.

  • New volunteer leadership for ONfungi.
  • Kelvin surveys the work of the past three years.

Coming soon.


Instructors Keisha & Casey Ernst took us deep into understanding the life of soil. Amazing opportunity and learning experience.

Follow Keisha and Casey here

Catalyst BioAmendments website

Check them out on YouTube. Lots of videos.

And there’s an Instagram link I can’t seem to find.

Thank you Chad, Keisha and Casey. Your knowledge makes soil and climate action real!

Unique opportunity to learn soil science, build with microbes and expand the soil food web was a resounding success — 20 happy folk participating

Eastern Ontario composting folk joined with ONfungi June 20, 2023 at Appletree Farm, for a soil microbe adventure. Instructors Keisha & Casey Ernst took us deep into understanding the life of soil. We learned practical techniques useful for a wide range of composting methods with hands-on experience.

Learning to use microscopes is a game changer. ONfdc is still not explained: the microscope found very little nematode, rotifer life and almost no bacteria. Is this good or bad? Its great! Thanks to microscopes we now have another avenue to explore “how does ONfdc work?” Kelvin has already launched a new microscopy informed series of soil tests. Keep an eye out for more news over the following months.

Kelvin has already launched a new microscopy informed series of soil tests. Keep an eye out for more news over the coming months.

We dove deep into biological composting
  • the different ways we can cultivate beneficial soil microbes
  • the various processes and materials that create rich soil
  • create nematode extractions and protozoa infusions
  • the application of compost extracts, compost teas, and infusions
  • explore soil through microscopes, and much more

Perth Farmers Market results in record donations and 50 more science kits sent forth

May 30, 2023 — The Perth Farmers Market was another success for ONfungi. We saw steady traffic to the booth and gave away over 50 adult and kid science kits. Two large buckets raised $100 alone and new application uses are now to be tested.

We also attracted new volunteers and were welcomed again by the science community.

“I can’t thank everyone enough,” said Kelvin Hodges. “From the serious young man who asked for a science kit, to the biologist now taking our adult science kit into review, it’s your help, assistance and interest that keeps ONfungi growing soil knowledge.”

Kelvin Hodges and Hillary Baker talk ONfdc and EcoFest Westport being held Saturday June 3. Meet us both at the ONfungi booth. Grab your science kit!

Special thanks to Suzanne Baron of Perth for her most excellent work on and at the ONfungi booth.

EcoFest Westport sees record 97 science kits sent forth into the world

June 5, 2023 — Westports new EcoFest was a hit with ONfungi. $81.51 was raised, and 97 kits were sent forth. Volunteers made the day easy for Kelvin; Many thanks to Hillary Baker and Krista Foss. Thanks also to all who came by. Kids, dogs, turtles, lions and more.

Scott talked ONfdc with many folks from Agriculture Canada to farmers. Garden enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes generously helped with ONfungi’s material expenses as we rolled in a record 250! This paid for the printing of the instruction pages and bagging of the ONfdc for both the adult and kids science kit, enough to keep us going for 2023. Thank you!

Science comes to the playground with ONfungi FDC experimental trial

April 22, 2023 — The kids are taking over as Madeline Steward of the Rideau Lakes horticultural society, along with many others, led 40 kids on an earth day science trip.

Full story and more pictures here.

Scott shows off the 2023 Bioreactor design. Each year we get a little wiser. Improvements are made.

Fair success comes with new volunteer help

April 17, 2023 — Gerry Baker (r), Scott Hortop (l), Rich Doherty and Kelvin Hodges manned the ONfungi booth at the 2023 North Grenville Sustainability Fair April 16, 2023.

We were delighted to give away 21 Kids’ experimental packages,” said Kelvin. “Plus, over 100 FDC experimental kits left the building. It was a long day, but fun.”

New volunteer Gerry Baker is well known as the worm lady. She has been teaching vermiculture locally for many years. See her website for more information

Rich Doherty is well known for leading a large number of social government initiatives.

“It was really helpful to have the volunteers spell us at the booth,” said a weary but happy Scott Hortop. ONfungi wishes Scott a healthy outcome from recent heart issues.

Joanna digs out a first layer sample.

New microscopy project for ONfungi

April 12, 2023 — Joanna Kowalcyzk and Kelvin Hodges begin BMAP, our new Bioreactor Microscopy Analysis Project.

! Check out the story here.

We’ll be looking at the soil life in FDC in order to answer some questions about the who, what, when where, why and hows.

Young scientist worksheet now available.

Its four weeks of “magic soil” fun suitable for classroom use. Thanks to Madeline Seward who created the project.

Busy start to 2023 with new worksheet, new projects and new friends

Our presentations this spring have made new friends and launched new projects.

Kelvin went to Seedy Sunday in Perth, ON and found Joanna Kowalczyk, who is keen to use microscopy to look at the microbial life in our FDC.

Kelvin gave a talk to the Rideau Lakes Horticultural Society and Yvonne Helwig is published an article on FDC in their newsletter. A “magic soil” worksheet from society member Madeline Seward is also much appreciated.

Kelvin Hodges, in talking with Brendan Brown found a new resource for soil based research.

Kelvin and Scott gave a well attended Zoom presentation with Journey to Sustainability. Thank you Peter Au for organizing this event.

Talking soil with doctoral candidate Brendan Brown of University Illinois.

Kelvin is trying to convince Brendan to do a bi-monthly update on his research. Brendan is compiling a compendium of research which we hope to publish here.

Get your testing program started. Kits shipping now.

MicroBiometers now available … get the tech that ONfungi uses to measure soil microbial mass (carbon) and fungal to bacterial ratio

Our 2023 MicroBiometer kits have arrived. Get yours now. On sale, tax included; $175 plus $18/shipping (free pickup).

See here for more info

and go here to buy

2023 is all about farms, herbs, and parties

Feb 23, 2023 — And we’re back! Hectic fall schedule left a volunteer shortage, but with the long winter nights; we’re back with three exciting new 2023 themes.

  1. The year of the farm. We have a record amount of FDC ready for experimental use. And three farms have signed up so far. Join in and follow along. This will be fun.
  2. The great herbaceous hoedown is on. A recent study highlighted the role fungi have in creating turpenes in herbs. Turpenes are what makes herbs so delicious to smell and taste. So our second study will be looking at increased flavour in herbs with the use of FDC. (Note: Kelvin’s experiment result found FDC created “the most flavourful oregano we’ve ever grown.”)
  3. We wish to continue to grow the community. We will be planning extraordinary events this year. Stay tuned.
Volunteers requested

We need volunteers looking to write up the experiment results; get into the field with farmers and record results; and generally entertain a wide variety of easy fun tasks. A “community party planner” would be especially welcome.

Contact Kelvin at admin@admin

2022 fungal dominant compost record — 24 for 2024 bioreactors full!

Nov 8, 2022 — Scott Hortop and a team of volunteers set a new record for FDC creation. 400 bags of yard waste are now 24 bioreactors creating FDC for use in 2024. WOW. See the full story here

Upcoming events

May 27

Perth Farmer’s Market: We’ll be in Perth for the Saturday Farmers Market at the Crystal Palace. Bring a bag; compost soil for home garden use will be available by donation.

June 3

We will also be at Westport’s Eco Fest 2023 on June 3, 2023.

Dates done

April 16, 2023: ONfungi was once again in Kemptville at the North Grenville Sustainability Fair.

ZOOM seminar: March 22, 2023. Journey to Sustainability along with ONfungi explored fungal dominant compost. Zoom recording coming here.

Rideau Horticultural Club board met with Kelvin on March 21. Further events in planning.

Seedy Sunday: Perth Seedy Sunday organizers (Civitan Club) were delighted by ONfungi FDC packs for local gardeners. March 8, 2023.

Community gardens and horticultural clubs receive additional support thanks to ONfungi donors. Contact admin@onfungi.net to join up.

Look back in time — more stories from 2022 and 2021

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