Who we are

Who we are

Wizard of Compost  

Scott Hortop

Scott Hortop is a retired senior administrator who is now very happily crafting fungal dominant compost, which, it turns out, maybe an excellent fungal trigger accelerating soil restoration.

General Idea

Kelvin Hodges

Kelvin Hodges is happily growing ideas that eliminate CO2 and support soil regeneration and CO2 sequestration.

Sound support

Timothy Booth is a musician who is happily orchestrating a song to the earth.

Lead scientist

Emma Roy. Emma is a recent BSc Biology grad. Her science training will guide the next part of the project.

Emma Roy

Web wizard

Luca LaFontaine

Chief Organizer

Louise Ennis

Fungi facilitators

Mark MacKenzie, Peter Baril

Remember with ONfungi; all your money works to actually store CO2; build science knowledge; improve soils and help save the planet. Thanks for taking this step with us.

Super special thanks also to Fundrzr. These folks are a blessing to us. They are providing their platform and assistance at no cost to ONfungi. They really believe in what we are doing too!

Interested in volunteering?