Who we are

ONfungi is a happy conglomeration of active folks made up mostly of volunteers. Our goal is explore the use of Johnson-Su fungal dominant compost (FDC) in improving soil, storing carbon, and enhancing plant health and nutrition.

Light of enquiry

Joanna Kowalcyzk is our latest volunteer. Joanna is interested in microscopy and will be analyzing our FDC bioreactor mass as we look at what’s in there and how to manage the disassembly of the finished compost bioreactor.

Joanna digs out the first sample area.
Scott Hortop is our wizard of compost.
Wizard of Compost

Scott Hortop is a retired administrator who is now very happily crafting fungal dominant compost.

Scott leads the FDC process and is very successful. In 2021 he filled 8 new bioreactors for the 2023 season! In 2022 he and his team of ambitious volunteers filled 24 bioreactors. Now that’s real work developing a better, cleaner, healthier future for all.

General Idea

Kelvin Hodges is a mostly retired communications director, Mennonite farm boy now happily growing ideas that eliminate and store CO2. Energy storage pioneer repurposing EV batteries (starting in 2016), solar power expert and builder, electric water taxi developer, soil restoration developer, EcoFuel Renewable Energy Business Development grad (2020 cohort); a green thumb innovator.

For media enquiries contact Kelvin at admin@onfungi.net.

Kelvin measures twice.
New volunteer Alberto is a market gardener with a farm near Pakenham, Ontario.
Green thumb

Alberto Suarez Esteban grew up helping his grandparents in their gardens and farms in NW Spain. His passion for nature led him to a PhD in Ecology. During his 10 years in academia, he realized how damaging industrial agriculture is to our planet. In 2019 he founded Nature’s Apprentice Farm in Pakenham to contribute to the regeneration of soil health, human health and biodiversity. Alberto loves learning and inspiring other people. He teaches biology courses at Carleton University and regularly shares his farming experiences in workshops, talks and farm tours.

FDC plot sunflowers rising.
2021 biologist intern

Emma Roy is a recent BSc Biology grad. Her science training is guiding the next part of the project: proving the fungal dominant compost (FDC) actually works. So far the tests say Yes! And in the following years we’ll look at the why of how it works.

Sound support

Timothy Booth and Louise Ennis are happily orchestrating a song to the earth. They are standing by to ship your experimental kit and contribute to the project fruitfully.
Arts Funding

Fungi facilitators

Geraldine Baker, MA, has recently joined in. Gerry helped out at the North Grenville Sustainability Fair and is a vermiculture expert.

Mark MacKenzie generously lent us two plots of land for Emma’s first field experiment. Thanks Mark!

Mark is busy exploring green carbon storage on farms and in lawns. He has a wide variety of interests including Green Party Canada involvement and more.

Groovy design

Our logo was delightfully drawn by design diva Allie Probizanski. You can see more of her work on her Instagram page at Alliepro52.

Fall bioreactor crew

Pam Steele and Mike Pitcher.

Volunteers sought!

Remember with ONfungi; all your money, time and work looks at actually storing CO2; building science knowledge; improving soils; and helping save the planet.

We believe actions speak louder than words and work accordingly. Thank you for taking this step with us.

Interested in volunteering? We need help with science, reporting, web development; um, where does the list end?