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Earth day event brings science to the playroom

April 22, 2023 — Madeline Steward and Andrew Torrance led 40 Rideau Lakes children, ages 4-8, on a trial of fungal dominant compost (FDC) for earth day.

Our new citizen scientists are conducting an A/B test to see what effects the use of FDC has on plant growth. Reports over the next six weeks will follow. Stay tuned.

“Rideau Lakes children at the event were between the ages of 0-8 years old, I would say that the kids participating were between 4-8 years old. We will hopefully be receiving some results by May 20th! Fingers crossed!! I will keep you posted on the submissions we get and we can decide from there when they start rolling-in :)” said Madeline Steward.

Andrew and Madeline represented the Rideau Lakes horticultural society at the event . The Rideau Lakes Public Library also helped organize and host.

Want to help support their efforts?

Contact or donate to ONfungi if you’d like to volunteer or get your child or grandchild an ONfungi science kit.

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