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    Farm experiment: making large batch compost tea

    In this video, Mark explains how to use an at home brewer to create organic compost tea from our very own ONfungi compost. Though Mark is displayed using a large agricultural sized brewer, a similar technique can be used using a much smaller brewer for home applications. The ingredients in this “tea” include: For a 200 Gallon Brewer: -¾ Cup of Seaweed -½ cup of oat flour -½ cup of spelt flour -¾ cup of humates -¾ cup of Fish Hydrolysate -2 cups of ONfungi compost in a mesh bag. Place a bubbler within the brewer to allow for oxygenation, add the ingredients in whichever order you prefer and allow…

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    Endo vs Ecto fungi, which one reigns supreme?

    There are two primary types of mycorrhizal fungi, endo and  ecto, both are mycelium but associate with different types of plants while performing similar functions. Endomycorrhizae (or Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae) are symbiotically associated with about 90% of the plant kingdom. This coevolution began 350–460 million years ago and allowed vascular plants to begin growing on land. Endomycorrhizae physically penetrate plant roots and create an intercellular attachment in the form of branched structures called arbuscules. Arbuscules within root cells provide an extensive surface area for the exchange of nutrients such as glucose or nitrogen through the cell membrane. Mycelia from endomycorrhizae extend from the plant roots into the surrounding soil, gathering…

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    Emma’s 4 plot experiment: August 13

    August 13, 2021: First measurements Update on the experiment, so far it’s doing good!!!! We’ve had growth of some kind on almost every section so far the cucumbers in the control are larger, but the peas, sunflowers, and grass in the experimental plots are larger (affected) so it seems legumes and native plants take to the compost better during germination

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    ONfungi farm experiments have begun

    August 9, 2021 — ONfungi biologist Emma Roy has begun the first larger scale farm experiments. Plots were rototilled and planted Friday, August 6. This experiment looks to address a wider cross section of humate, fertilizer and fungal dominant compost soil enhancements. Emma’s reports will be found here. Video of planting day and follow ups is coming.

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    August is New Experiment Month at ONfungi

    August is New Experiment Month as Lanark’s ONfungi looks at soil based CO2 sequestration Emma Roy, our new biologist, is launching two new CO2 sequestration and soil experiments in August. These experiments are for Lanark area citizen scientists and are done at home. “ONfungi is looking at ways to improve soil and sequester carbon. The lawn test will be interesting,” says Roy, “It should actually sequester carbon. We’ll find out.” The first experiment is “easy” and looks at root growth using the fungi starter. As a bonus ONfungi also looks at carbon sequestration in lawn soils. The rooting test is done over two weeks (or more if you like). The…

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    New additions

    Hi folks, well we’ve been growing more than dirt. We’re proud and happy to announce many new additions to both volunteers; and our first paid intern. Welcoming Emma Roy. Emma is a biology graduate who will be taking over the science side of ONfungi. She’s been joined by Luca LaFontaine. Volunteer Luca will be bringing IT skills to our setup of community meeting and science reporting. This is in addition to new volunteers: Louise Ennis, Mark MacKenzie and Peter Baril. Progress!