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Will soil regeneration improve plant nutrient density?

A new study looks at how regenerative farming practices affect the nutritional content of the crops.

The study authors are asking for citizen scientists to help confirm these findings. Well, that’s what ONfungi is doing in 2022 already. So please. Join in. Make a real difference with science!

One of the key experimental cycles for ONfungi in 2022 is looking at how ONfdc (fungal dominant compost) can work with other soil-building techniques — such as minimal plowing (no till), cover crops, and diverse crop planting — to improve plant nutrient density.

In fact, we have been able to purchase a refractometer to measure plant nutrition thanks to our 2021 ONfungi citizen science supporters!

In the article “Farms following soil-friendly practices grow heatlhier food” we see that science is supporting our contention. They ask, at the end of the article, for more science, citizen science, to test their results.

So join in, purchase one of our science experimental kits and join the massive crew that is assembling. This is great folks. We’ve got community gardens, farm professionals, scientists, me, other folks, all getting on board.

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Thank you and blessings. Let’s grow!

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