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Technology improvement casts doubt on long term carbon sequestration

Connections: Saying Goodbye To A Soil Organic Matter Fundamental
Cameras with high magnification have put the theory that soil can be used for long-term carbon storage in question. Check our the full article at Biocycle. This is a great read folks.

If you’ve read through ONfungi’s ruminations regarding carbon sequestration you’ll have noticed that we think its happening as we restore soils but we don’t think it works the way some folks were hoping.

Pretty early on in our research we realized that for carbon sequestration in soil to work you needed to renew the soil on an ongoing basis. So things like cover cropping, no till, our ONfdc may be more than useful but actually essential to carbon sequestration in soil.

Recently’s Sally Brown looked at some of the new technology being applied to the issue and came to the same conclusion we did. If you want to store carbon in soil; plan on building soil for a very long time. Just like mother nature did before we started farming with plows.

This is a fascinating article that also dispells myths about humic and flumic acid and much more. Absolutely a must read.

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