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Spring 2022 garden upgrades start now

These two sunflowers, grown in the same soil, planted at the same time; both look great. But one is a monster! Join the ONfungi experimental cycle and see if you find the same result!
New for spring 2022 are more, more and even more for gardeners and soil regeneration citizen scientists

ONfungi will be opening 5 of Scott the wizard Hortop’s bioreactors (filled in the fall of 2020), a record for ONfungi, and an FDC (fungal dominant compost) bonanza allowing:

  • Alberto Suarez of Nature’s Apprentice Farm will be doing multiple controlled trials of the FDC on selected vegetable plantings; as well as on small plots of wheat and oats.
  • ONfungi will be working with Cliff Neudorf and the South Lanark Community Garden to supply FDC for garden and student experiments, as well as start their first bioreactor.
  • Mark MacKenzie will be doing 5 lawn experiments looking to benefit commercial lawn applications.
  • Kelvin Hodges will be following up on the lawn experiment he and Perth resident Janice Reid started in the fall of 2021. The soil was “extremely poor” at 300 ug/g carbon. First measurement after treatment comes this spring. What will we see?

Remember, even more important, we have FDC ready for you and your garden. Join in the experiment cycle. Or enjoy home lawn and garden soil improvement.

Let’s turn the dozens of experiments and local Lanark folk into hundreds. Get your kit. And get growing a richer, healthier future for our soils.

Citizen Scientist and Regeneration Influencer


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