Pick your project: Are you a scientist? Are you a gardener? Do you want a better lawn?

We have 4 kits to start 2022 — all on sale until June 31! Experiments and details improving as fast as our volunteers can get to them. Note: the new experiments from Dr. Alberto Suarez Esteban are now up. Thank you to the many citizen scientists and volunteers working to helping us grow.

NEW — Double the amount, best fungal count ever!

Hi everyone, we’re super excited to announce Scott Hortop, the wizard of compost, has broken the magic barrier — now shipping our new ONfdc, which is testing at 3.7 fungi to 1 bacteria. 3 to 1 is the gold standard. Huzzah.

So if the slow start to spring has got you down: We’re also shipping DOUBLE THE AMOUNT. That’s right. Any order is automatically getting 2 packages shipping with the new high fungal count FDC.

Build rich soil, enjoy a rich life!

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