Bioreactor Kit


The bioreactor kit comes complete with full instructions, the starter dose of ONfdc and a MicroBiometer that lets you test your FDC, your soil and join in with the many others doing these experiments. You provide the build materials and patience!

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Want to grow your own FDC?

Our kit has two great advantages:

One, the starter dose. It greatly enhances the number and type of fungi in your bioreactor immediately. The goal of your bioreactor is to capture and grow different strains of fungi. This diversity results in strength. With our kit you get a terrific head start.

Two, the MicroBiometer! This nifty new tool allows you to track your progress by testing your FDC. It also allows you to pre-test your soil and the results of any applications that you use.

Your kit includes:

  • Full instructions
  • Starter dose of FDC
  • MicroBiometer kit
  • Boasting! 3.7 is the number to beat!

Join in the revolution!

Additional information

Dimensions 66 × 66 × 6 cm


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