Experiment Update – Week 5

Control group sunflower development on day, month.
FDC plot sunflower development on day, month.

Emma Roy — So far at the farm everything has been going extremely well. I’ve received a variety of different results which I’m excited to begin analyzing. Here is an example of two sunflower plants, both were planted at the same time, in the same location, with the same environmental conditions and water levels. The only difference was during planting, I added ONfungi’s Fungal Dominant Compost to one plot of plants where as the other was left with no additions for control.

These are the sunflowers after 5 weeks, the one on the right was innoculated with compost, the left is control. The right is taller by about 15cm and is also bushier with larger leaves and a thicker stem. The control is smaller and also seems to be suffering from a type of fungal disease called Verticillium wilt. ONfungi appears to help strengthen disease resistance due to the diverse types of spores found in the compost. In this case adding “good” fungi can help disturb colonies of pathogenic fungi strains.

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