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Community Garden starts first row of ONfdc beans

July 8, 2022 — Update from South Lanark Community Garden

The SLCG has partnered with ONfungi representative Kelvin Hodges to grow some plants inoculated with the fungi inoculant that they make in their reactors. The SLCG has installed 4 of their bioreactors to create fungi inoculated compost for the garden. Our Youth Community Garden Program has inoculated and planted 3 varieties of bush beans to see how they perform in comparison to non-inoculated control beans of the same varieties. To our amazement the inoculated beans have emerged first. Their progress will be monitored throughout the growing season. Pictured are some of the youth and Coral Sproule of the Table Community Centre who have partnered with the South Lanark Community Garden in the delivery of the Youth program. Also pictured are the fungi bioreactors as we were setting them up with Scott Hortop and Kelvin Hodges of ONfungi

SLCG gets a hoeing and planting. New rows of beans match ONfdc in a head to head contest with uninoculated soil. The community gardens soil is fairly rich already. You can follow along on facebook here.

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