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Hi everyone, this is a grab bag of YouTubes & Podcasts that have been big for me. I would suggest starting with the John Kempf interviews from his Regenerative Agriculture Podcast. The Youtube videos that follow are also excellent.

Youtube features

Dr. David Johnson gives keynote speach at Living Soils conference, Montreal, 2019.
David Johnson on Quorum Sensing. Highly informative.

Starts as a primer. Looks at the mechanisms of how FDC works and changes in the soil. Looks at proofs. David takes questions.

Some time links

16: Looking at carbon efficiency — really shows the mechanism that pushes the plant growth

18:08 Does it work?
FDC is defined as a microbiological treatment and proofs of effectiveness are demonstrated.

27:30 Quorum Sensing

Brief look at Quorum Sensing.

Gabe Brown.

Citizen Scientist and Regeneration Influencer

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