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MicroBiometers now available … get the tech that ONfungi uses to measure soil carbon and fungi to bacteria ratio

Microbiometer kits
MicroBiometer kits are now in! Get yours today for just $175 — free shipping and tax included until June 1, 2023. Contact to place your order.
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This microBIOMETER® Starter Kit estimates microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio with a smartphone app. The kit includes supplies for 10 soil tests and comes in a sturdy, reusable box.


  • 10 Test cards
  • 10 Reagent packets
  • 10 Reusable extraction vials
  • 10 Reusable pipettes
  • 2 Soil sifters
  • 1 Whisker with extra probe
  • 1 Soil sampler
  • 1 Capped measurer
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 Magnet
  • 1 Testing platform

Shipping Policy

Free shipping across Canada.
Note: only available for Canadian shipping.

Free APP does all the work

The app helps you time the test, offers a guide and tutorials, stores your data collected as well as taking the measurements.

The app does the work!
A MicroBiometer reliably tests your farming and gardening methods

MicroBiometers are a new tool that measures soil carbon and fungi to bacteria ratios. These tests give you indicators of soil health and allow you to track the effects your farming or gardening methods are having.

The tests are easy and take only 20 minutes

The test is easy to do. Sample your soil. Mix with water and test packet. Extract and measure. Use your cell phone and an app to take the reading; easy as pie.

And you get immediate feedback on your soil health. This is as indispensable a measurement as ph or NPK.

Know your soil

Farmers, gardeners, soil explorers; this amazing new test appartus gives you real, reliable data on microbial biomass and fungal to baterial ratio all through a smartphone app.

In one example, our Kelvin Hodges found he’d doubled his lawn microbial levels with 1 seasonal application of fungal dominant compost (ONfdc or FDC). How does he know? He used a MicroBiometer test and proved it. “Hey, numbers and proofs are important,” says Kelvin. “I went from 600 to 1200mg of carbon. This might translate to as much as 3 tons of CO2 sequestered per acre of lawn. My lawn patch is very small. So I’m sequestering 60 pounds. However, imagine every lawn in Canada (30 million acres) sequestering 6 tonnes. That’s 180 million tons of CO2. This is why we believe FDC is important.

Three reasons FDC is important

If we can sequester 180 million tons of CO2 in Canadian lawns (or more as lawns are typically low in organic material); we’ve done a good thing.

More importantly, if you read Canadian farming publications then you know, Canadian farmers are adopting a wide range of carbon capture/soil improvement farming techniques and technologies. ONfungi firmly believes that an exogenous organic material (EOM) strategy; using fall tree and garden waste, is a powerful carbon capture and soil building opportunity.

So FDC improves farm and garden soils. We’re also looking at nutrient density and terpene expression (terpenes are the stuff that makes herbs smell good).

How do we do it?

By taking our fall urban waste (leaves and twigs), composting with the Johnson-Su method (refined through ONfungi experimentation), we help gardeners, lawn folk and farmers improve their soils. This enriched soil sequesters CO2. Improves nutrient take up. Improves plant health.

Measure the change

And … we prove it. With numbers everyone can use to improve techniques and measure success.

Citizen Scientist and Regeneration Influencer

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