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Farm experiment: making large batch compost tea

Mark, Emma and Kathy brew 200 gallons of compost tea for one of our farm experiments.

In this video, Mark explains how to use an at home brewer to create organic compost tea from our very own ONfungi compost. Though Mark is displayed using a large agricultural sized brewer, a similar technique can be used using a much smaller brewer for home applications. The ingredients in this “tea” include:

For a 200 Gallon Brewer:

-¾ Cup of Seaweed

-½ cup of oat flour

-½ cup of spelt flour

-¾ cup of humates

-¾ cup of Fish Hydrolysate

-2 cups of ONfungi compost in a mesh bag.

Place a bubbler within the brewer to allow for oxygenation, add the ingredients in whichever order you prefer and allow to brew for 24 hours. After this wait period, the fungal and bacterial spores within the compost will have been released from dormancy and fed by all of the additions and flours in the water column. This tea has a high level of microbial activity.

In application, a little goes a long way.

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