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Using nature to restore nature

To restore the planet,
go play in the mud

This is the story of Kelvin and Scott. Kelvin and Scott like to make green things. One green thing Scott makes is fungal dominant leaf compost. When Kelvin saw the compost he had one idea; which is to get lots of little packages of the compost into many hands; have them use the techniques of soil rebalancing with this compost; and then join everyone together to record what happens.

Now, they wonder, could this use of balanced compost help save the planet?

Why would we do this?

Well you see the problem with how we’ve treated our soils by digging them up constantly; and burning out or locking away the nutrients; is we need an excess of nutrient, ie. we fertilize. Excess nutrients lead to other troubles and now we need pesticides and herbicides and fungicides; and with all this we truly damage the soil. As our food comes from this soil, we’re not doing ourselves any favours. Also the process burns off carbon. Which we have rather too much of in our oceans and air right now.

What’s the solution?

So how do we fix this? Well. There are lots of ways. But what many people today are finding out is: you can rebuild carbon in soil.

Stop turning over the soil, stop using probably deadly toxins. Put the fungi, bacteria, nematodes, pa???, back into the soil and use the solution that arose over the millions of years of evolution.

This is where you come in

To return this balance to the soil we are using a citizen science experiment. You get a balanced fungal dominant compost. You add this material to your home garden, lawn or trees; and you record the result. You upload your data to ONfungi and we share your data so everyone can learn!

Now the balanced fungal mix Scott has produced using leaf compost looks ideal for grassland and garden growth. It happens to be the perfect blend for home use. We thought, let’s start here!

Are you ready to get started?

The campaign is asking you to order a $30 compost kit for yourself, your family or neighbor. Donate to get kits to more kids. We have only 500 kits to start.

If you buy all the kits; $15,000 will let us do some cool stuff; first package and mail you your kit; then hire a mycologist to organize and improve your research; and then grow the experiment into further years.

If you want to give more, YES. We have lots of areas to expand research and improve methods!

What other benefits are there for you?


Further benefits of project participation should include a massive upgrade for your home and garden soils, including:

* YES store carbon
* YES improve crop harvest and profitability for market gardeners, more bags of produce for you, plus:

* improved water storage in soil
* increasing plant water use efficiency
* reduced fertilizer use
* greatly reduced agrichemical pollution
* more bees and butterflies and worms and ants and cool beetles and … more

Makes you a bit of an environmental hero really. Not saying you should swagger around the neighborhood boasting your science achievements. But you could.

Please come join us. Get a kit. Pick your experiment. Have fun playing in the mud!